1 vs 1
#2 The Ventoux Climbing Clash
224/256 Riders


  • I'm in! Are you new here and don't have an account on Proximus Cycling eSeries and/or WahooRGT yet? Then go to “How to take part” and see how you can link both platforms for a chance to win our prizes. 

  • How do I sign up? You can participate in The Ventoux Climbing Clash via the button "register now". You only have to do that once. After that you can participate 24/7 from 11 to 20 November.

  • I don't cheat! Cheats are not allowed. Anyone we catch cheating will be barred from all Proximus Cycling eSeries Challenges for a period of 1 year. Your weight and wattages pedalled will be closely monitored. Spinning bikes are allowed, but the result will not be taken into account for the (final) classification or the awarding of prizes.


The full race regulations can be found here.




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