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#1 Cycling Vlaanderen Youth eTrophy (U15/U17/U19)
20/256 Riders
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  • Check-In
    28/10/2021 19:25 CET
  • Start
    28/10/2021 19:30 CET
  • RGT Cycling
  • 20/256
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General information

Have you checked your bike rollers and are you ready for the Proximus Cycling eSeries League, which kicks off on 28 October?


The first round of the Proximus Cycling eSeries League promises to be particularly tough! We head to Italy where we will ride part of the final stretch of “La Primavera”. The race, over a distance of 9,6 km, also winds its way up the Poggio, the famous climb which is 3.6 km long and counts 136 vertical metres.


Will the decisive attack be launched here? Or will they sprint for victory on the Via Roma? At any rate, we are very curious to see who will be Jasper Stuyven’s successor and will earn the first points in the ranking for the Cycling Vlaanderen Youth eTrophy!



This race will be livestreamed on Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch. Do you want your video of you cycling in your paincave to be included in the livestream? Join by video call using this Zoom link.




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